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30th October : we have invited

 Mary Molloy,   Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

 “We train clever dogs to help deaf people.

That’s what we do in a nutshell – we train dogs to alert deaf people to sounds they would otherwise miss”

 Deafness does not just affect a person’s hearing. It is an invisible disability that isolates people from others. It can strip people of their confidence and destroy their sense of independence.

Imagine you are deaf. You can’t hear your alarm clock. You can’t hear your text messages. You miss out on social interactions. That’s what life is like for deaf people, and it can be very isolating.

 A hearing dog can make a big difference.

 A big part of a hearing dog’s job is to alert their deaf recipient to sounds they would otherwise miss. Simple sounds we take for granted like the doorbell, and even danger signals like the fire alarm.

 Being aware of these – thanks to a hearing dog – makes a real difference in deaf people’s lives.

 Have you ever stayed at home waiting for a delivery? 

Or waiting for someone to pop round? Imagine how frustrating it must be when you cannot hear the doorbell or a knock at your door.


Come and learn more.

"the One in the middle"



Tel : 077470 321 40