Spellow Lane Evangelical Church

the One in the middle, Bringing Christ to the People of Walton

Joint Church Meetings 2017

Sunday Evenings at 6.30pm

On these dates we will be meeting at the venue shown and we will be,  

"Churches Together in Worship"

   February 19th  
Hope Baptist Church, Southport Rd, Bootle
Joint prayer time 1pm Wednesday prior

  April 30th  
Richmond Baptist
Speaker, Mr John McLaren

Oakfield Road Methodist Church
Joint prayer time Wednesday prior at 7.45pm

June 25th  
Spellow Lane Church
Mr Peter Lawrence

Once again we are able to host our Joint Praise & Worship
in the Everton Free School building, "not quite opposite" the Church. 
Peter will be bringing a small worship team.

Joint prayer time Thursday prior at 7.30pm

September 10th 
Ebenezer Chapel, Queens Drive
Walton, Liverpool, L4 9UD
Joint prayer time  Wed prior -  at 8pm 

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