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Dear Spellowfolk :
It seems that Liverpool is once again suffering from Covid-19 infections.
The whole region has been put on the Watch List.
If the rate of infection continues to increase, at the rate it is, the region will be put under increased restrictions.
We, at Spellow Lane Church, must think about how we react to the increasing rate of infection and we have decided to close the Church building again for a couple of weeks. This is a sad decision, but we feel the correct one.

We will REMAIN open on 13th of September, and 17th September.
We will NOT OPEN the Church on 20th or the 24th September.
On those dates we will have Zoom Church only. (and YouTube)
On 27th September we will reconsider if it is appropriate to be in the Church or on Zoom on that day.
I hope that you understand our concerns and understand also that we think that this is the most appropriate response at this time.
Please pray for the city region, and for the area of Walton L4.
………..Stay safe

Our Sunday morning service is also live streamed on YouTube : search "spellowlanechurch" and please subscribe. 

Your input into these "virtual church services" is crucial, and I encourage you to participate more fully by bringing prayer requests, prayers answered , testimony , Bible studies, simple thoughts-for-today and praise points either face-to-face or by pre-recorded video through the chat boxes.

Our God will continue to bless our times together, as we continue to seek after Him.

Spellow Building

Stay safe, Stephen & John

For more details, please email or telephone   07856 529501

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