Spellow Lane Evangelical Church

the One in the middle, Bringing Christ to the People of Walton

Faith Matters

Once again during 2019, we will be exploring some of the issues of Life, and why within those issues, "our Faith matters".

We will be meeting in the Green Room of  Everton Free School, "not quite opposite" Spellow, for just one hour between 7 and 8pm, (doors open 6.30pm), 
on the last Thursday of each month.

Everything will be very informal, and everyone is welcome.

January 2019 - postponed due to bad weather

February 2019 - "God's first name is Andy"

March, April
and May  2019   - Promises

June 2019 - Disciples and the KOG

July 2019 - we look at the Feeding of the 5,000 and relate it to us and the KOG

October 2019 - PROPHECY 

about The End Times


April 2019

May 2019

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019

November 2019



March2017 - God's Needle

April2017 - A Big Issue

May2017 - Jesus : alive or dead ?

June2017 - Sharing your Faith 

July2017 - Sharing your Faith

August2017 - Sharing your Faith

September2017 - The Full Armour of God

October2017 - Angels : what are they all about ?

November2017 - "Understanding", with our guest Dave Bennett

November is the last Faith Matters of 2017

January 2018 - James - Faith - "Dead or Alive ?" 

February 2018 - "What causes our quarrels ?"

March 2018 - "What is the Christian Dress Code ?"

April 2018  - "Why doesn't God answer my prayers?"

May 2018 - ""Why I Love Church", or maybe you dont""

June 2018 - "Without a vision, the people perish"

July 2018  - "Crossing obstacles" 

August 2018 - "Time alone with God, why is it important ?"

September 2018 : "Who do you think they are ?"
A conversation about how we judge by appearance.

October 2018 : "Who do you think you are ?"
Looking at your identity in Christ

November 2018 : the last of this year.
"The Queen of Sheba".
Who was she ?